Increasing the position of the site in the search results through SEO?

Increasing the position of the site in the TOP of the search results is the main way to increase the number of visitors and improve statistics in general. The higher your resource is displayed by the search engine, the more users will click on it. To achieve maximum positions allows you to promote the site to the TOP (Google, Yandex) with the help of integrated SEO. One of his main tools is internal optimization.

Internal optimization - it is work with the direct pages of the site. It includes:

  • Formation of a semantic core (requests by which users will find a specific Internet resource);
  • Elimination of technical errors (improving page speed, eliminating broken links);
  • Improving the internal structure (creating a map, an understandable navigation system);
  • Content optimization (publishing optimized articles, changing image tags).

The task of internal optimization is to provide potential visitors with exactly the information and functionality they came for. Therefore, all content should be useful (text canvases with included keywords will not be ranked by search engines), data loading speed should be high, and the page format should be convenient (therefore, the resource must be adapted for mobile devices).

External optimization to attract traffic

External website promotion to bring it to the TOP implies link building. Links to external resources are directly involved in the ranking of the site being promoted, and also attract live traffic to it.

To place links, you need to choose non-spam sites with good traffic. You can also use social networks. It is necessary to increase the link mass gradually in order not to fall under the sanctions of search engines. Links should be surrounded by adequate and meaningful text, relevant to the subject of a particular site.

To get the maximum result from external optimization, you need to constantly (but smoothly) increase the link profile. This work is carried out through specialized services. You should choose those that take into account the current algorithms of search engines. For example, in IPGold you can order posting links on social networks, that will lead to the site being promoted, from real users with a guarantee.

Technical optimization to speed up resource indexing

A significant part of the integrated promotion is technical optimization. It implies a whole list of works aimed at speeding up the indexing of a resource by search engines. As part of the technical optimization, it is mandatory:

  • Sitemap is configured and restrictions for search engine robots are prescribed in robot.txt;
  • The site is compatible with different browsers (desktop, mobile);
  • Removed duplicates;
  • Customize the appearance of URL pages and more.

A simple example: in an online store, a body scrub is located at two different addresses: in the "Body Care" section and in the "Anti-cellulite products" section. Search engines perceive such pages as duplicates, which slows down the indexing speed of the entire resource. There is only one way to fix the problem - by creating a separate address for that scrub.

Behavioral Factors for Better Ranking

Behavioral factors (PF) are not a full-fledged part of SEO. But without them, successful website promotion in search engines will hardly be achieved. Search engines are designed to promote those resources that:

  • Provide useful/interesting/popular content;
  • Work well, no problems, fast;
  • Visited by a large number of users, gaining good coverage.

The last condition is solved by the PF.

The artificial improvement of the PF works quite clearly: users (attracted through third-party resources, such as IPGold) artificially increase activity on the pages, and search engines begin to rank the “popular” resource more actively. But in order for the site to reach the TOP, it is necessary to work correctly with behavioral factors. Firstly, they should be as natural and realistic as possible (even if you order the service of cheating behavioral factors through a third-party service). And secondly, it is necessary to work with PF indicators in a comprehensive manner. In this case, it is not only (and not even so much) about the transitions to the site, but about the time spent, transitions on internal pages, clicks on advertising, etc.

There is no universal solution for bringing a site to the TOP of Google or Yandex. Resource promotion should be comprehensive, including work with both the internal component and advertising on external sites. Such work requires a lot of time, effort and calmness. But such a price is fully justified by the results that can be obtained after the site is brought to the TOP.