TikTok promotion

Tik Tok is a popular social network that hosts small videos. The young audience of the site is growing and expanding rapidly. Now well-known brands, networks and companies already have their accounts on the site.

Tik Tok promotion is a necessary parameter to increase the rating of your accounts. We provide services for boosting subscribers, likes, views, comments on Tik Tok, not expensive.

There are no tasks in our service, you can immediately buy the required number of subscribers and select gender, age, geography and subscription time in the advertising company settings.

We don't use bots in our work, we only have live subscribers - these are real Internet users. We don't have free exchange promotion, but at the same time, the cost of target user actions for promotion is not large. You can order a cheat at a price of 0.499 rubles. per subscriber. To get started, you need to register on our website.

You can order

comments tiktok
Comments TikTok
79.9 /


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likes TikTok
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views tiktok
Views TikTok
29.9 /


subscribers tiktok
Subscribers TikTok
39.9 /


How to promote Tik Tok

There are several methods for promoting on TikTok:

  • Placing ads on other sites will take you a lot of time. If you use only free sites, then most likely it won't bring results and will be ineffective. You need to be hosted on a large number of free services in order to make progress.
  • Interaction with other bloggers - buying advertising can be quite an expensive tool for a young channel and not everyone can afford it, besides, the result is not guaranteed. You need to be able to find inexpensive options.
  • Mutual advertising - mutual exchange of advertising placement, effectively with the right selection of the target audience, your audiences shouldn't overlap, but complement each other, otherwise it won't bring results. In addition, the channels should be approximately equal in subscribers, it may not be suitable for a new channel.
  • Buying bots - a tool for already upgraded accounts is not suitable for a young channel, you need to use it with extreme caution due to the risks of a ban, if the task aligns with a competitor and your channel already has experience and a significant number of subscribers, then you can consider it as an option.
  • Promotion by real users through online services is the best option in terms of price-quality ratio. This method is safe because all promotion actions are performed by real users. Suitable for new and old accounts with a large number of followers.

To promote Tik Tok, you need to use complex promotion methods. Boost not only subscribers, but also views with comments - order likes. The more diverse the activity, the better and safer for the channel. Make sure that the number of subscribers always more than views. You can buy Tik Tok promotion at a low price from us in the IPGold service.