IPGold Surfer earning program

IPGold Surfer for Android

download ipgoldsurfer for androiddownload ipgoldsurfer for android

IPGold Surfer for Windows

download ipgoldsurfer for pc

Minimum system requirements:

Android 7.0+

We recommend using the latest OS version possible.

Current version 1.0, updates are required to be installed.

Windows 7+

The program version is 32-bit, suitable for both 32- and 64-bit Windows. The current version is, updated automatically as updates are released.

What are the advantages of working through the IPGold Surfer program?

There are many more tasks available in the program/application than in a traditional browser. It implements an additional mechanism for monitoring and supporting the correct execution of the performer’s actions. Therefore, most tasks are available exclusively on the IPGold Surfer platform.

Additionally, IPGold Surfer has a built-in mechanism for taking and sending screenshots, which is activated in the corresponding tasks. All such screenshots are stored on the IPGold server, so they are always available for verification.

To summarize all of the above, to maximize your earnings and minimize the percentage of rejected screenshots, it is better to work exclusively in IPGold Surfer.