Stress Testing

The load of a steadily developing site is constantly growing. At some point, it can become critical, which will lead to problems loading pages, freezes, software failures. It is impossible to prevent their occurrence 100%.

But it is possible to determine the “critical point” of a particular resource in order to work out and expand the performance of the site. To do this, before starting the service, it is enough to conduct load testing or load testing (according to Wikipedia). You can order it from IPGold.

You, not users, should be the first to know about site loading problems. The stress test will be relevant for any type of Internet resources that involve a large flow of traffic: online stores; online schools; one-page courses, cheat sheets, other information products; payment systems, etc.

You can use the indicators obtained during the collection of information to improve the work of the resource, eliminate possible errors in the functionality. To start the check, simply create a suitable order in your IPGold account.

Features of load testing

Load testing is one of the most effective tools for checking website performance. It implies a gradual increase in traffic arriving at a specific resource in a given time interval. Online visits to the checked pages imitate live activity on them, which allows you to:

  • Get believable performance metrics;
  • Understand how the site behaves under load;
  • Determine resource weaknesses;
  • Set the margin of safety of the server;
  • Set server safety margin;

Slow site = loss of customers and profits. Therefore, testing is recommended on a regular basis. But such a check is especially important before large-scale marketing campaigns (for example, a sale) or the launch of a project.

IPGold engages only specialists with experience in the profession of “tester” for testing. When performing services, we use professional systems and tools that allow us to recreate various scenarios and load patterns. Attracted traffic can be anything: we work with both small, just opening online stores, and with resources with a huge audience.

Providing visitors with a fast work of the resource is the main task of the developer. And its implementation largely depends on testing. Load testing will help you prevent the site from "laying down" and losing users (and potential profit along with them).

The IPGold team is ready to host it. We guarantee complete safety of the load and its high efficiency. For more information, please contact the service manager. You can order the service through your personal account. As a specialized site test, you can order registration boost to be sure of its ability to withstand such a load.