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How it works

  • 1 Register on the website
  • 2 Create an ad campaign in your Personal Account
  • 3 Top up your account in any convenient way
  • The ad campaign starts immediately after verification by the moderator - from 1 to 24 hours
  • 4 Service users receive and read your emails
  • 5 After verification, the performers receive a reward, and you receive the reads/transitions you need

Suitable for

  • Website owners
  • Webmasters
  • Marketers / PR specialists
  • Traffic managers, affiliates

Results from our clients

More details about the service

Mail mailings consists of paid mailings received by our users. Users give their consent to receive such letters and, as a rule, always read them and delve into the essence of the message. Additionally, you can place a link in the letter itself to visit your website or advertising page by selecting the appropriate tariff.

Payment may be charged both for the newsletter itself and only for targeted actions - reading your letter. Funds for unread emails are returned to your account after the mailing period expires (7 days) and you can use them in other advertising campaigns.

How to order?

Log in to IPGold and go to the Advertiser section -> Mail mailings.

After this, you will be taken to the Mail mailing list, where you can order a New mailing by filling out the appropriate form and selecting the desired type of mailing.

Thematic tips:

  1. Profile of the recipient, in accordance with the analysis of his needs.
    Configure the recipient's settings in accordance with his possible interest in the content of the letter. Set the gender, age, and geography of the recipient who may be interested in your newsletter.

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