Mailing list from IPGold

Email marketing is a proven email marketing tool that serves to capture the attention of users and keep them interested in your products or services.

For us, it works not only for this, but also for promoting your website or social network account. When receiving a letter with a mailing list by e-mail, the user of our service follows the link in the letter to your website or social network account.

This is a fairly simple way for you to quickly attract visitors to your site or social network - the peculiarity of the mailing list is that when receiving a letter, the user goes to the specific page you specified.

If you want to accumulate a large number of visitors on the page you need, this tool will suit you well. Take care in advance that the content on the page is interesting and in demand.

What are mailing lists?

The advantages of mailing lists are obvious even now, they allow:

  • Promptly bring information about discounts, promotions, sales to your target audience.
  • With the help of newsletters, you can warm up your subscribers with interesting digests and one day they will become your customers.
  • In mailings, you can give your customers not only company news, but also useful educational content. I increase your audience by reposting it.
  • Mailing lists can be gamified and involve your users in active interaction - this is a live audience that you can use in the future as you see fit.

Now it's widely believed that mailings are dead and no one reads letters anymore, since everyone is sitting in messengers - this is an erroneous opinion. Newsletters are relevant in the current realities. A huge part of the Internet audience continues to use e-mail and will never give it up for certain reasons. With the right email marketing strategy, you can constantly attract new subscribers and turn them into your customers.

We offer you two types of mailing lists - a simple informational one where the user of our service gets acquainted with your offer and visits your website or social network account. Funds for unread letters are returned to your account after the expiration date of the newsletter (7 days) and you can use them in other advertising campaigns. As practice shows, users willingly read the newsletter if the content is interesting and respond to your suggestions, and in any case you get the result.

Did you know: contest promotion and poll promotion are different. A competition may involve complex actions, while a survey only involves the choice of a certain option.