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13:09 11.10.2023

We needed to promote a Telegram channel from scratch. We ordered in IPGold all possible actions with a gradual increase. The channel successfully grew and entered the advertising exchanges. People come and order advertising. Everything is great! The fastest and most cheap way of promotion.


12:59 11.10.2023

I use IPGold to promote my VKontakte Group. I mainly buy complex actions (subscriptions + likes + reposts + comments). At a small cost it has a good effect, the group grows and attracts a lot of organic traffic.


12:21 11.10.2023

We wanted to increase the traffic of the site to sell advertising. We ordered in IPGold 1500 new unique visitors with transitions on internal pages. Plus an additional 700 clicks per day on banners. As a result, traffic increased and behavioral factors improved. Advertisers' conversions went up, too. Ads started selling more. Working efficient service!


15:01 09.10.2023

My daughter participated in the online voting for the best costume and 3 days before the end she was in the lead. But then two competitors started to gain a lot of votes and overtook her. We had to buy some votes on IPGold to restore justice.


14:41 31.07.2023

I liked the service, I boosted my account, I will use it again!


16:29 25.07.2023

A good service - I rocked my insta, even without a vpn it's get likes! I will keep uploading!


14:27 23.07.2023

I have been using this service for a long time, I am pleased with a large number of boosts, I am satisfied with everything.


01:44 19.07.2023

We have been promoting our site here for more than a year - the service is very high quality, I like that you can get a large amount of traffic for a penny.