Boosting site visits


Boosting site visits

Algorithms of search engines such as Yandex and Google are constantly being improved. More than 300 fixed and variable parameters are included in the search engine ranking formulas, and they're constantly being added. One of the important ranking factors is the user's behavior on the site, since now modern search doesn't work without taking into account behavioral factors.

We offer a system of site promotion by real users based on the improvement of behavioral factors - a real person comes to your site and performs the actions you need on it. The difference between our service and others is that you yourself choose what the user will do on the site, for example, watch a video, scroll through pages that are important to you, or stay on the landing page for a given amount of time.

Our system allows you to create a flexible strategy for user behavior on the site, which distinguishes us from competitors with simple page transitions. Another advantage is the choice of audience by gender, age, geolocation. You can order simple transitions to pages from us or implement several of your strategies with the user behavior you need.

We don't use bots with software boosting algorithms in our work, since now Yandex lowers sites for this in ranking, and Google simply passes such traffic and doesn't take it into account. The use of real users is 100% safe as it's no different from the actions of your target audience. To start working, you need to register in the service, create your personal account, and you'll be able to launch ad campaigns to promote the site.

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How boosting happens and who needs it?

The principle of operation of boosting comes down to three main stages:

  • Start boosting. It can be direct (traffic is attracted directly by the link), search (users independently switch to the promoted service through a key request in the PS) or end-to-end (implies complex page navigation schemes).
  • Increasing activity. Live visitors go to your site and perform real actions there: browsing pages, reading articles, etc. This contributes to a natural increase in activity.
  • Bringing the site to the top. High activity is a signal to search engines that a particular resource is useful to visitors. Therefore, the search engine independently displays the promoted resource on the first pages of the issue so that it can be seen by as many users as possible.

The promotion scenario is developed individually. The number of transitions, features of behavioral factors and other promotion parameters depend on the actual characteristics of the service, its position in the TOP. For more information, contact an IPGold consultant by submitting an application in the appropriate form. We'll try to promptly answer all your questions. The consultation is free. Also, you can immediately order the service. Just choose the appropriate rate and place your order.

An increase in site visits will be especially relevant if:

  • Recently, the natural number of visits has declined.;
  • Due to high competition for key queries, the resource cannot reach the TOPs of search engines;
  • The site was created recently and hasn't yet managed to gain a sufficient number of visits.

The purpose of such a service is one - to increase the profits of your business. Users attracted by the programs and forces of IPGold won't order your services and products. But they will help the resource to reach the first pages of search engines, from where real customers will come, ready to give you their money. And already they will place orders and follow the links on the site.