Promotion of websites and accounts in social networks

Behavioral factors, clicks, registrations, subscriptions, likes, ratings, comments and any other user actions on the Internet to improve statistics and bring sites to the top.

Promotion of websites and accounts in social networks

Promotion in IPGold is based on motivated traffic. It means that all the necessary actions are performed by real people.

This approach ensures high promotion efficiency and prevents the sanctions imposed by social networks, search engines and messengers.

You can order any actions: clicks on banner ads, clicks on links, likes and reposts, comments and reviews, etc.

To run an advertising campaign, all you need is to register on the site and order the service to attract the right traffic.

Our service

Website promotion to the Top
Website promotion to the Top
0.16 $/

Site visit

0.33 $/

Clicks on links within the site

Motivated traffic
Motivated traffic
7.6 $/

App installation

1.1 $/

Ratings, reviews, comments

Improvement in behavioral factors
Improvement in behavioral factors
0.27 $/

Transition from a search engine

0.47 $/

Going from a search engine and clicking on an ad

Promotion in Social Networks
Promotion in Social Networks
0.33 $/


0.44 $/


Our advantages

Real users
Real users

You receive referrals only from real people geographically located all over the world. You can select the user geo you need in the advertising campaign settings.

Quality Services
Quality Services

We provide the motivated traffic in any amount. All actions are carried out within the agreed time frame. We guarantee the quality of the services.

Flexible settings
Flexible settings

Advertising campaign settings allow you to receive the type of traffic you need at the right time and in the right amount. In addition, you can choose performers by age, gender, and location.

Operational support
Operational support

Our support team is ready to answer any question. You can contact us through the feedback form or write your question to the operator in the online consultant.


Feedback from our clients

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22:58 29.04.2023

Everything is fair, easy and simple. Use who needs votes, subscribers. Everything is fast and high quality.


13:09 22.02.2023

I boosted my insta, everything was fine


15:01 20.05.2023

Quality promotion I advise everyone!


21:28 18.04.2023

This promotion is one of the cheapest, but a bit complicated personal account. As result 3 sites in the top + upgraded several public pages along the way.


13:45 02.06.2023

I bought clicks, transitions, bought links - everything is at the level. P.S. support, thanks a lot!


19:02 14.02.2023

Excellent quality of service. I took the boosting of social networks with a package, everything works great. Offset!

More about our services

Site visits and clicks on pages and any objects on them

One of the most demanded services is transitions from sites through advertising banners. You can purchase the number of clicks you need on any ad unit on the Internet.

It works like this - if an ad banner is located on the site, the user enters it, and then clicks on the advertisement and goes to the advertised resource. Or the user immediately goes through the ad unit and, if necessary, there he makes the number of clicks you need. The flexibility of the system settings allows you to receive clicks from the right audience, at the time you set, in the amount you specify. The service is suitable for most ad campanigns on the Internet.

Activities in social networks

To promote your account in popular social networks. networks, you may need views, subscribers and likes. You can quickly increase the traffic and popularity of your page or channel. Users go to your page and do the necessary actions there: view content, subscribe to you, put likes or leave a comment. You can regulate various options for user activities on your page.

All users are real people and their reactions on your page are not blocked by social media protection algorithms. Due to these actions, a qualitative increase in natural traffic begins, your page quickly gains views and subscriptions.

Search Engine Clicks and Behavioral Improvements

This service is popular for promoting your site in search by improving its behavioral factors. Thanks to this method, you quickly increase website traffic, which is recorded by metrics and search engine counters.

How it works - the user follows the key query you are promoting to your site from the search engine. Once on your site, he begins to navigate through various sections and look at the pages that you yourself choose for this. You can specify in detail step by step the user's path through your site without click limits. Thus, search engine algorithms see the interest shown by users and raise the site or its specific pages in the search results ranking.

Motivated traffic: voting, registrations, reviews

Social voting networks and on various sites on the Internet has long been a popular service. If you need to win a vote, you can purchase the amount of votes necessary to win. Users go to the desired resource and vote for you. If pre-registration with confirmation by mail is required to vote, they pass it.

Registration on various resources can be the same as a separate service. To improve your reputation and image, you can use the service of posting reviews on various sites on the Internet. Users will leave positive feedback about you or your services.

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