A selection of ways to promote social networks

Promotion of social networks (SMM promotion, SMM marketing) is a mandatory process for all accounts that are interested in increasing coverage (for the purpose of earning money, self-affirmation, creating a personal brand, etc.). It's not enough to create interesting content and publish posts regularly to win the loyalty and love of the audience. You need to constantly promote your page, reaching new users.

SMM promotion is a whole complex of works. One of its most significant tools is advertising. It could be:

  • Targeted advertising (covers a specific audience according to the given parameters - gender, age, geolocation);
  • Advertising with bloggers (forms a positive attitude of a diverse audience);
  • Publications in publics, groups, pages (covers an audience with different parameters).

Advertising can be both paid (target, custom publications) and free (mutual PR, barter). The main advantage of such promotion is to attract only the audience that is interested in a particular topic. Minus - the unpredictability of the results (especially if you purchase advertising from bloggers).

Boosting as a tool for complex SMM

One of the fastest and most effective ways to promote social networks is to boost subscribers, views, likes. It refers to the artificial improvement of statistical indicators. This tool allows you to achieve several goals.

Firstly, boosting helps to increase views, subscribers, likes in a short period of time. An artificially increased audience has a positive effect on the trust of real potential subscribers. Seeing multiple likes, comments, users show interest in the page, subscribe to it. As a result, attracting a lively, interested audience.

boosting subscribers, advertising and other ways to promote social networks

And secondly, boosting starts the process of natural internal promotion. All social networks - VK, YouTube, OK.ru - work approximately according to the same algorithm. The most interesting, useful, discussed publications are in the TOP of "smart feeds". Therefore, the boosting of statistical indicators works as follows:

  1. Activity under the post or in the account is growing;
  2. Social network algorithms perceive the growth of activity as an indicator of the usefulness of the content, its popularity;
  3. The publication or profile falls into the sections "recommended", "top", etc.

The result is the same - reaching a new audience interested in specific content.

In order for the promotion to benefit the community or the page (in VK, OK, Telegram), it is important to correctly approach its implementation. The first and main rule is the choice of service. It is important that the site boost likes, subscriptions, comments from real users. It's good if the services are performed according to the “exchange” type, when a person receives payment for each completed task. For example, this is how VK subscribers, likes on Odnoklassniki and other indicators in IPGold are being boosted. Performing tasks by real users eliminates the risk of bans, worsening statistics. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from the service.

Posting for account promotion

Posting plays an important role in the promotion of social networks. ЧTo maintain interest in the page/community, it is necessary:

  1. Post original and interesting content;
  2. Post regularly;
  3. Adhere to the principle of alternating content (entertaining, useful, advertising, etc.).

Posting is especially important if, for example, you are ordering a boost of likes on YouTube or followers on VK in IPGold. Without regular posting, social media algorithms simply won't promote content with increased activity. That's why SMM managers pay so much attention to posts. To maximize the benefits of publications, try to make them interesting and regularly delight your audience with them. To do this, create a clear content plan (you can do it yourself for free or order its development) and publish posts several times a week. If posts come out more often, you can use autoposting.

Increasing coverage through work with the audience

Another indispensable tool for SMM promotion is interactive and contests. With the help of questionnaires, voting of giveaways, you can:

  • Increase activity in the profile (helps to bring publications to the TOP);
  • Improve audience loyalty (positively affects overall statistics);
  • Attract the attention of new users (increases the number of subscribers, likes, etc.).

Interactive should be selected based on the social network. For example, contests in the comments work best on YouTube: “Best comment”, “Most funny comment”, etc. And on VK, giveaways (which were once actively used on banned Instagram) and questionnaires are gaining popularity.

It is necessary to approach SMM promotion in a complex way. The competition will not be able to bring a positive effect without its quality advertising. In the same way as the safe boosting of VK subscribers from IPGold will not be effective without posting. Therefore, when promoting an account or a community, use all the tools, alternating them with each other.