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VK is one of the most popular social networks in the Russian Federation and the CIS. Vkontakte is actively used not only for entertainment, but also for doing business. Commercial accounts actively use internal advertising on the network and its cost is constantly increasing.

Our online service IPGold offers to cheat VK with real people. You can wind up subscribers, comments, likes or reposts in the required amount by creating one or more parallel advertising campaigns in the service. You can start them immediately after registering with the service and checking by a moderator.

Due to the flexible setting of the ad company, you can choose the time of promotion, the geolocation of followers, as well as their gender and age. Our advertising campaigns are quite effective because they are carried out by real people.

User profiles are constantly updated, there is activity in them, protection algorithms perceive this positively and don't write off such users from your subscriptions. Unfollowings from users who followed you are also minimal. To start promoting VKontakte, you need to register in the service.

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Boost followers Vkontakte: 100% safety and quality

The number of followings is a decisive factor in determining the popularity of a group or personal page in VK. The more users follow you, the more likes there will be on publications, the higher the trust from the target audience and the better the ranking of the account itself. The problem is that VK customers are reluctant to follow new profiles. Therefore, recently the boosting of Vkontakte followers is in increasing demand among:

  • Bloggers
  • Internet shops;
  • Thematic communities;
  • Personal pages.

You can order it on favorable terms at IPGold. All that is needed for this is to register on our service and run the task according to the required parameters. Immediately after the activation of the order, our performers will begin to fulfill it. Within a few minutes or hours (depending on the volume of subscriptions), the required number of users will follow the promoted page - with live and active pages. Subscriptions are received not at once, but at short intervals. This service allows us to bypass the algorithms of the social network and guarantee the safety of the promotion.

Why boost followers VK is profitable?

VK followers form the image of the profile, as well as the trust in it from the target audience. This is especially true for commercial communities. Customers and buyers always prefer stores, companies that have a larger number of people followed them. Subscriptions in this case act as a guarantor of the reliability of the organization.

In addition, like on Instagram, on Vkontakte, followers affect the overall ranking of the page. It happens that way:

  1. Social network algorithms perceive an active increase in followings as a sign of the usefulness of the content, its fascination, popularity;
  2. Smart feed better ranks an interesting and popular group/account;
  3. Publications of the promoted account more often go to the TOP of the issue within the social network.

By launching a boost, you get a natural promotion for free. The main thing is that the very attraction of followings doesn't contradict the rules of the social network. Therefore, firstly, don't boost a large number of friends or group members at once. Start with a few dozen subscribers and increase this number gradually. And secondly, trust promotion only to a good, proven service. This is IPGold. You can also order from us boosting site visits.

Our service provides secure and fast page promotion services in all popular networks (from Odnoklassniki to Instagram). VK is no exception. You can buy any required number of subscriptions/followings in this social network from us. A favorable price is set for all IPGold services. At the same time, promotion can be completely free. Just register on the site, complete several tasks (views, reposts) and place your order with the money received. More information can be found in your personal account.

If you need to increase the number of comments on one or many of your posts and content, you can order VK comments wrap. This will allow you to quickly increase your audience and achieve its maximum involvement in your publications and offers. And this already popularizes you as much as possible in VK.