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VK is one of the most popular social networks in the Russian Federation and the CIS. VK is actively used not only for entertainment, but also for doing business. Commercial accounts actively use internal advertising on the network and its cost is constantly increasing.

Our online service IPGold offers promotion in VK with real people. You can boost followers, comments, likes or reposts in the required amount by creating one or more parallel ad campaigns in the service. You can start them immediately after signing up with the service and checking by a moderator.

Due to the flexible setting of the ad company, you can choose the time of promotion, the geolocation of followers, as well as their gender and age. Our ad campaigns are quite effective because they are carried out by real people.

User profiles are constantly updated, there is activity in them, protection algorithms perceive this positively and don't write off such users from your subscriptions. Unfollowings from users who followed you are also minimal. To start promoting VK, you need to register in the service.

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Boosting VK comments to promote your account

Smart VK feed works on the same principle as search engines. The first positions in the TOP results are occupied by interesting and useful publications. "Benefit and interest" are evaluated by algorithms according to the activity under the post. The higher it is, the better the ranking. Therefore, boosting VK comments is a good way to increase the position of a publication in a smart feed, increase coverage and attract a new audience that will be interested in specific content.

You can order the required number of comments for your group or personal page on VK at IPGold. Our service works with real live performers. This means that all messages under your posts won't be left by bots, but by active users of the social network. Of course, they won't have lively and long conversations. But all comments will be meaningful, realistic, on the topic. This helps to avoid sanctions from VK and improve the overall profile statistics.

How comments are boosting on Vkontakte

IPGold provides the ability to boost comments on any publications in VK: photos, posts, videos, avatars. The service is performed in several steps:

  • Create a job. To buy the required number of comments, register on our website and create an order by setting the desired parameters (number of posts, type of publication, etc.). The number of first winding comments should be small. Gradually, this figure can be increased. But it shouldn't exceed 5-10% of likes (this Engagement rate is standard).
  • Order fulfillment. Immediately after the launch, the task will be accepted for work by our performers. Users follow the given link, study the content and comment on it. There is a short pause between comments, which allows you to bypass the algorithms of the social network.
  • Results control. Throughout the task, you will be able to track the results of the promotion online. Firstly, the activity on the page in VK will increase. And secondly, a detailed report on the order will be presented in the personal account of IPGold.

The result of an increase in comments in VK will be the launch of organic page/group promotion. But in order for the number of subscribers and the number of likes to increase constantly, it is necessary to regularly attract external activity. You can order it on IPGold. We wind up everything (from feedback in the form of comments to participation in surveys) and provide a guarantee of 100% security, as well as confidentiality. To verify this, you only need to launch your first order.

On our service, you can order comments both for a fee (tariffs are presented on the site) and for free. In the second case, it is enough to complete several tasks on your own (acting as an executor) and launch your order using the earned funds. This will allow you to minimize the cost of promoting your profile or community. If you need to influence the poll results (in one direction or another), then you can order VKontakte poll boost. Attract in this way the right number of votes.