Boosting user behavior

There are a lot of services on the Internet in which you can apply the emulation of user actions. If you need to click on a site, visit hundreds of resources or participate in contests/votes, our service can easily handle it.

But there are more complex tasks that our service can also perform - these are multi-stage advertising campaigns that combine clicks, transitions, views, subscriptions - any actions that a user can perform on the Internet.

All that is required of you is to draw up a step-by-step technical task for the performers of our service, and then you can boost the behavior for the task you need. To draw up a multi-level TOR, you need to contact our support, they will help you set up the task in your personal account.

A striking example of such a task is a “step by step” advertising company; its template can be selected in the personal account, in which you can set the procedure for the performer’s actions on the Internet in the service or place you need in any sequence.

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What user actions can be boosted?

On the Internet, all user actions come down to several areas:

  • Clicks on various resources (sites, applications, aggregators, portals, directories, etc.);
  • Activities in social networks (these are likes, tweets, retweets, subscriptions, views, comments, posts and much more);
  • Clicks (when users purposefully click on links from various sources).
  • Various actions (app downloads, document viewing, registration, voting, polls, reviews, etc.)
  • New directions you need for your promotion on the network (if you can use motivated traffic for this)

The range of application of motivated traffic is quite large. Using our service, you can not only choose the direction you need, but also easily combine them thanks to flexible settings in advertising companies. Our advantage is that tasks are performed by real users with different geography, gender and age - you can choose this in the settings of advertising campaigns.

When ordering a service from us, you should understand that with the help of our service you can perform and repeat many times almost any simple user action on the Internet, however, there are still limitations, they may relate to the technical part, so if you do not have a standard task, it is better to start first consult with an IPGold manager. And for example clicks boost, you can immediately order in your account.