VK poll boost

VK is one of the most popular social networks in the Russian Federation and the CIS. VK is actively used not only for entertainment, but also for doing business. Commercial accounts actively use internal advertising on the network and its cost is constantly increasing.

Our online service IPGold offers promotion in VK with real people. You can boost followers, comments, likes or reposts in the required amount by creating one or more parallel ad campaigns in the service. You can start them immediately after signing up with the service and checking by a moderator.

Due to the flexible setting of the ad company, you can choose the time of promotion, the geolocation of followers, as well as their gender and age. Our ad campaigns are quite effective because they are carried out by real people.

User profiles are constantly updated, there is activity in them, protection algorithms perceive this positively and don't write off such users from your subscriptions. Unfollowings from users who followed you are also minimal. To start promoting VK, you need to register in the service.

VK poll promotion for comprehensive profile or group promotion

Polls are an effective interactive tool that allows you to quickly collect the necessary information, make a choice (for example, in a competition), and evaluate audience parameters (interests, age). In addition, they help increase coverage. High activity in such interactives indicates the benefit of a particular group, profile, as well as the fact that its content is interesting. And such useful pages always occupy a leading position in the smart VK feed and cover a much larger audience. Therefore, the promotion of a Vkontakte poll can be used as a way to launch a natural promotion of a personal account or community.

You can order realistic participation in polls at IPGold. By “realistic” is meant the task being performed by real, living people, taking into account the current algorithms of the social network. Voices wind up with a slight delay. They are put by active VK users. This reduces the risk of a ban from the social network to a minimum.

Goals and benefits of vote boosting

The main goal of artificially increasing votes in polls on Vkontakte is to launch organic profile promotion. But such a service will also be relevant in cases where it is necessary:

  • Simulate a specific result. It's not about deceiving followers, but about helping them. Polls take users by surprise. Making a specific choice right away is difficult. Boosting, on the other hand, allows you to increase the votes on the desired option (beneficial to the administrator), which helps page visitors make the “right” choice.

  • Get individual benefits. This applies to users participating in contests. If you are most interested in winning, then you can simply buy votes to beat your competitors. But remember that such a win won't be fair and objective.
  • Increase the number of interactions. The more people who take a survey, the more likely it's that new users will want to take part in it.

Such a complex impact is the main advantage of promotion of questionnaires. Also, the advantages of ordering such a service in IPGold include the ability to quickly increase activity on the page to the desired indicators, 100% security of promotion, as well as favorable conditions for its implementation.

On our service, orders are executed not by an automated program, but by real performers from “live” pages on VK. But this doesn't affect the final price of the service. It also remains affordable. Moreover, the site provides the possibility of ordering promotion of VK even for free. To do this, it is enough to complete several online tasks from other clients of the service, receive a cash reward and use it to create your order. Detailed information can be found in your personal account.

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