Motivated traffic for promotion: does it work and how exactly?

One of the ways to promote sites, apps, social networks is motivated traffic - traffic that is received through the direct motivation of users. In other words: people received a reward (usually a monetary reward) for a certain action they performed. For example: left your vote in the poll, downloaded the program, wrote a realistic comment.

Motivated traffic is especially in demand when promoting mobile applications. here the main actions of users are reduced to:

  • Downloading the app on the first day;
  • Minimal use of the program (for a short period - visits to it for 2,3,5,8 days after installation);
  • Writing a review / comment (to attract the attention of other users);
  • Evaluating the program (creating a positive image).

Such actions are necessary to bring the program to the TOP. Increased activity and positive ratings (4-5 stars) indicate to the mobile marketplace algorithms that a particular app is in demand, its popularity. The result - its position in the issuance of the internal search engine increases.

There is only one drawback of motivated traffic for programs and games - possible penalties. Algorithms of mobile marketplaces are constantly being improved in order to quickly determine any fact of cheating. Therefore, you should be careful when ordering motivated traffic for applications. The service for cheating actions should take into account the current algorithms of a particular site. For example, IPGold boosts downloads and ratings in small sessions, and all the work is done by users from different real IPs. Such actions don't arouse suspicion and marketplaces and contribute to safe promotion.

Attracting users for interactive

Any kind of interactive - contests, voting, questionnaires, can be supplemented with motivated traffic. Depending on the goals, such boosting can:

  • Help win. Votes can be boosted in any volume. With their help, you can win even in a major competition.
  • Increase demand. A large number of votes for a particular option (for example, in the “Which laptop is better” poll) provokes an increased interest in a particular product among target consumers. It works on the principle of social proof - when people make decisions based on the opinions of other people.
  • Attract lively interest. Real excitement (comments, likes, reposts) can cause a large number of answers for the wrong option. The result is a natural improvement in statistics and increased coverage.

Such a tool is especially relevant in online stores on VK and With its help, company owners not only create demand for the desired commodity item, but also create the appearance of a wide audience, which inspires confidence among target buyers.

Motivation in SEO and SMM

Any typical actions that users perform on the Internet can be motivated: loading sites, clicking on advertising banners, watching videos, clicking on internal pages, placing an order, etc. This tool is used in:

  • SEO — attracting external traffic, as well as improving activity on the site itself, contribute to its better and faster ranking, obtaining more significant positions in the TOP results;
  • SMM — increased activity indicates the popularity of content, which contributes to its inclusion in the "Recommendations" and "TOP" collections and coverage of a new interested audience.

The effectiveness of attracting traffic depends on the correctness of the settings. Actions must be performed by real people from the geo-zone corresponding to a particular company/store.

SERM — reputation management through motivated opinion

Motivated traffic is at the core of SERM. «Reputation management» in itself implies an artificial change in opinion about the company, brand, personality. This happens through the wrapping of comments and reviews on social networks, forums, review sites and other resources. Working with SERM helps:

  • Create the right opinion;
  • Neutralize the existing negative (real or resulting from black PR);
  • Increase audience trust (due to the same principle of social proof);
  • Improve the position of the brand, the company on a specific service (due to the increased rating).

At the same time, it is important to consider that most reviewers and forums conduct strict moderation of published messages. Therefore, they should look as believable and natural as possible. For example, at IPGold, when working with SERM, it is possible to segment the audience by geo-zone, as well as by rating on a specific site.

Motivated traffic is an illegal method of promoting social networks, website applications. But with proper and careful use, it is able to give a fairly good result without harm to the promoted resource. To achieve this, it is important to follow the “Three Rs” rule: real users, reasonable volumes and different IPs (corresponding to the geo-zone of a particular community, site).