Reputation management

SERM (ORM) or reputation management is one of the main tools for promoting a business on the Internet. According to statistics, more than 72% of buyers pay attention to reviews about a particular product before buying it. More than half of them trust the opinion of other customers. This applies to products of all types, as well as services, offers, information products.

Achieving a good company image naturally is difficult. First, users prefer to read reviews rather than leave them. And secondly, successful organizations are constantly exposed to black PR, which can nullify all real positive feedback.

SERM will help improve the image of a business on the Internet and increase its credibility on the part of potential customers - a comprehensive work with a reputation. Brand image is being improved by IPGold.

Order the services of our service - reviews or comments and see for yourself that the success and final profit of the business directly depends on the online image.

Benefits of working with an online image

Search Engine (or Online) Reputation Management — it is a strategy for posting reviews (usually positive or neutral). It serves several purposes:

  • Increasing confidence. Between a store with 10 reviews and a store with more than a hundred such messages, the customer will always choose the second option.
  • Formation of the desired image. A large number of positive and neutral opinions makes the company reliable and conscientious in the eyes of the audience.
  • Improvement of positions in issue. Search engines bring to the TOP sites of organizations that have a good reputation on the Internet.
  • Neutralization of the negative. At least 10-15 positive ones will be able to neutralize one negative opinion.
  • Increasing profit. The better the image of a brand, agency or store, the higher the chance that the buyer or customer will take advantage of his offer. As a result, an increase in profits.

But to achieve such goals is possible only with an integrated approach to managing the Internet image. A complete list of work with ORM includes the publication of reviews both on the brand’s website itself and on third-party resources, as well as on social networks. At the same time, all messages should look as natural and appropriate as possible. They should cover a possible negative, but not create a canvas of solid positive..

The whole complex of works on SERM is performed by our service. With us you can order impoving the online store, company, enterprise, agency or any other business image, as well as a personal brand, regardless of the geolocation of its operation (from Moscow to Vladivostok).

When working with SERM, we 100% comply with the conditions and requirements of a particular site. All messages are left by real users from different IPs. Our company works quickly, but safely for the customer. You can verify this personally by ordering a reputation management service on the site.

Sometimes reputation is determined by winning votes. Such victories can be provided by boosting votes, which you can order in your personal account.