Contest promotion

Honesty in competitive polls remained in the distant zero. Today, almost every such interactive event, which implies some kind of encouragement (gift, monetary reward, title), is carried out using artificial votes.

To increase them, the competition is boosted through specialized services. One of these is IPGold. Voting promotion is the ability to assign a victory to the desired option.

This will be relevant for any competitions on the Internet: from the "Best Blogger VK 2022" award to the title "The Most Effective Anti-Wrinkle Cream". In the first case, cheating will make it possible to make a certain blogger a winner who has already paid for this title or simply deserves it. In the second, with its help it will be possible to increase the demand for a particular product.

Regardless of the purpose of promotion, it is profitable to order it on our service. All you need to do for this is to register on the site and run a suitable task through your personal account.

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Features of boosting votes in the contest

Boosting votes in a contest is unfair to other participants. But this is the only way to win it guaranteed. Therefore, many participants in competitive surveys resort to this service. But only those who take into account the following promotion rules receive the maximum benefit from it:

  • Different IPs (in most contests, one IP address can only vote once);
  • Real users (an increase in votes due to bots will allow you to win, but may lead to a complete annulment of the results - if the fact of cheating is revealed by the organizers of the interactive - or a decrease in the position of the site in the TOP of the issue);
  • Believable actions (voters should be as natural as possible on the site in order to bypass possible sanctions).

In addition, it is important for the organizers of the competition to take into account the ratio of attendance indicators. If the site is visited by 10,000 people a day, then the total number of voters per day should not exceed 1-3 thousand users. Otherwise, a sharp increase in activity in the interactive can lead to a decrease in the position of the resource in the search engine results.

IPGold ru conducts professional promotion of contests both on websites and in social networks (Vkontakte, Telegram channels). We help the organizers of the competition, as well as their participants, quickly get the desired results without jeopardizing the interactive itself. As part of the tasks, real users from different regions and different IPs vote.

They perform all actions manually, which allows them to simulate a lively interest and helps to safely change the indicators of the online questionnaire. All services are offered at competitive rates. You can also order participation in questionnaires for free - by filling out a task for the money earned when completing orders from other customers.

Mobile applications often participate in contests. Our service, with the help of a large set of various related services, accelerates and promotes mobile applications promotion.