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Polls are created for two purposes. The first is to get the real opinion of potential and current customers in order to improve the activity (service, store, company) or find out the wishes of the audience, subscribers.

The second is to independently form this opinion. It is in this case that the promotion of a poll is relevant, which helps to increase the number of votes for a particular option.

You can quickly achieve suitable results in the questionnaire with the help of IPGold. Our service: attracts only real performers from different cities, regions, countries to complete tasks; takes into account the actual algorithms of search engines during promotion in order to prevent possible sanctions; provides a loyal price and the opportunity to get the required number of votes for free.

To buy the “opinion” of people, simply register on the site, place an order in your personal account and launch it. The executors will start executing the task immediately after its launch.

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Benefits of boosting poll

The artificial increase in votes in questionnaires helps shape public opinion. Most users are exposed to social proof. They order that service or buy that goods which are used by the others.

Questionnaires can be used as an indicator of the popularity of a particular product/offer. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways of forming public opinion. With their help, you can promote a specific product or service, show its benefits and popularity. Also, boosting votes will be able to help for other purposes. It will allow:

  • Give victory in the competition to a specific applicant;
  • Increase the popularity of the desired option;
  • Attract the attention of the target audience;
  • Improve website or social network statistics;
  • Encourage users to take the desired action.

Through IPGold, you can promote questionnaires not only on independent sites, but also in social networks (most often it's VK). The number of attracted votes can be any. When determining their number, it is important to consider other statistical indicators. For example, according to statistics, only 15-25% of website/blog visitors vote in his polls. Therefore, it isn't worth boosting 5,000 votes with an attendance of 10,000 people a day. In this case, it is necessary either to reduce the number of boosting indicators, or to additionally order an increase in attendance.

IPGold promotes websites, blogs, social networks (VK, Instagram) comprehensively and safely. Only real people using different devices and IPs take part in online surveys. They perform all actions as naturally and quickly as possible. This allows you to achieve concrete results in the shortest possible time and maintain a good reputation of the promoted resource.

Did you know: through our service, you can carry out legal mailing list, according to a ready and loyal base of our users.