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We provide a service to promote your telegram account with live users. On our service, you can order the promotion of your telegram channel by selecting the required number of subscribers.

Our service has advantages over a number of others due to the flexible settings of the ad company, you yourself choose the strategy for promoting your account. You can simply buy subscribers or give a task in the Internet service to users, post a link with a description to your telegram channel on your social networks and thus get subscriptions.

We are not engaged in free promotion of telegrams and differ from free exchange channels, but our prices for telegram subscribers are not expensive. Order the promotion of your telegram from us, in order to start working, you need to register in your personal account.

Regularly using our service, you will get a constant flow of subscribers, quickly increase the audience of the channel in a natural way. With the help of incentivized traffic, you can vote in a group and tip the scales in the direction you want.

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Views in Telegram: boosting by real users

The first thing users pay attention to in Telegram channels is the number of views on posts. This indicator directly determines the popularity of the account, its credibility, and usefulness. The more people who view your posts, the higher the chances of attracting new audiences and getting higher positions in the search. In case of low subscriber activity, IPGold Telegram views boost will help you. Our service:

  • Doesn't use automated programs and bots during promotion;
  • Strictly complies with the current requirements of Telegram and its algorithms;
  • Adheres to a loyal price list and provides the opportunity to order the service for free.

Publications in your chat will be viewed by live users from different IPs. The presence of an avatar, regular appearance on the network - all this confirms the reality of accounts, which is extremely important for Telegram algorithms.

Benefits of improving post visibility

Views are one of the most significant indicators of statistics in Telegram. He takes part in at least several important processes. Firstly, the channel ranking directly depends on it. Only those accounts with high activity and which are often viewed get into the TOP of the messenger search engine. And in the TOP of Internet search engines, there are resources that use the service boosting site visits.

Secondly, views speak about the image of the account. Their value directly affects the attitude, trust and activity of the audience. This is especially true for online stores. In this case, an artificial increase in views can be a good way to increase demand for specific goods, services, offers.

Thirdly, an increased number of views helps to generate increased attention to a particular post or create a buzz around it. As a result, an active discussion, reposts and the launch of a natural promotion of the publication (and with it the entire channel).

Использовать такой вариант раскрутки особенно рекомендуется:

  • Beginning Telegram bloggers;
  • Bloggers who transfer the audience from other social networks;
  • Commercial channels (shops, companies, bulletin boards, etc.).

Boost views will help you "add weight" to your Telegram, improve its statistics and form the desired opinion of the audience. But all this is possible under two conditions: interesting content and high-quality promotion. The first is completely in your hands. It depends only on you how interesting the posts in Telegram will be. You can entrust the promotion to IPGold.

On our site you can buy views in any required quantity. In addition to ordering a service, it is possible to receive it free of charge. To do this, register on the site and complete the tasks of other customers. When the required amount is accumulated on the account, you will be able to launch your order without spending personal funds on it. You can order any service. One of the options is telegram voting boost. With it, you can influence the results of the survey in the right direction.