Boosting clicks

Earnings from affiliate programs and advertising directly depends on the number of clicks on the promoted link that users make. Its small value may be worth monetization. To cope with this problem is able to cheat clicks on a direct link or banner.

In this case, you independently control the number of transitions and influence direct earnings. And all this at minimal cost. IPGold provides low rates for promotion (you can get acquainted with them in the price list above).

The final price depends on the service options you choose. To calculate it, register on the site and set up a task in your personal account. As soon as it is launched, service performers will start clicking on the link.

All of them: live users (we don't use bot cheat programs); use different IP and devices; are located in different regions. Performers imitate the real activity of users and do not arouse suspicion in Adsense, Yandex.Direct and other services.

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Features and benefits of click boost

All, even large and well-promoted sites resort to click boosting. The reason is the effectiveness of such a service. Firstly, it allows you to significantly increase the number of clicks on an advertising link literally for a penny and thereby increase the number of impressions and the final profit. Secondly, it can be used to improve the statistics of the resource to further attract new advertisers. The main thing is to use the promotion correctly.

Don't forget that artificially attracted clicks (even from real users) carry risks. Yandex and Google are introducing new technologies for calculating promotion. And if your resource is "caught" in such a deception, then it can simply be disabled from monetization. Therefore, follow three rules:

  • Gradual growth (don't boost a large number of clicks at once, start with small volumes);
  • Comprehensive work with behavioral factors (the number of visits to the resource should be significantly higher than clicks on ad);
  • Clicks (when users purposefully click on links from various sources).
  • Ratio (it's better then real clicks are about 60-70%, and boosted clicks are 30-40%).

Another important rule is that users should perform all actions as naturally as possible: starting with a manual search for the desired site and ending with an imitation of “interested reading”. This is how IPGold performers work.

Ordering the promotion of transitions on our service is a good way to increase the monetization of a resource, improve its statistics and traffic. It is important to understand that such a service is not completely secure. Therefore, it must be used carefully, taking into account all the tips described. If you have any questions or for further assistance, please contact the IPGold manager. If you are interested in poll promotion, then you can order it directly in your personal account.