Instagram Poll Boost

Instagram, a popular social network launched in 2010, has grown significantly, now the network combines the functions of developing a personal brand and a marketplace for various services and goods with huge competition. Companies, bloggers, small and medium businesses are actively developing their communities, constantly attracting new audiences.

The IPGold online service provides an Instagram promotion service for all categories of users. With our help, you can cheaply boost followers, clicks, views and comments on Instagram.

Our system works without completing tasks from other users and earning internal currency. For boosting, we use only living people. In order to buy subscribers and other activities, you just need to create an ad company after registering with the service.

Be sure to take breaks between buying followers and likes, don't try to boost everything up once - this is a mistake. Use flexible settings for ad campaigns to suit your promotion strategy. Instructions for boosting activities are in the video, watch them before your actions.

Instagram Poll Boost — for your Stories

If you need to draw users' attention to a specific answer option in the survey or create the appearance of activity in Stories in general, order the required number of votes on the IPGold service. The service will be immediately put into operation and will improve the statistics of your Stories in the shortest possible time. On the site, it is possible to boost a survey on Instagram of two types:

  • Paid. An order is created in a standard way - through a personal account. Current rates are shown on the website. The exact price of the service depends on its parameters.
  • Free. In this case, before placing an order, you must complete the tasks of other users (comments, likes, subscriptions). This way you will earn the amount needed to start promoting your account.

Regardless of the chosen method, all actions in your profile will be performed by real people. All of them are located in different regions and, accordingly, use different IPs. This ensures the safety of promotion in front of social network algorithms.

Why you should boost fictitious votes in Stories

More than 87% of the surveyed users have a positive attitude towards voting and take part in them. And more than half of them pay attention to the results of polls. Especially if the account is commercial. In simple terms, the more people vote for the option you need, the higher the chance that your target subscribers/customers/buyers will use it. This principle is especially noticeable when selling information products by large bloggers. They form the right opinion on their own - by ordering votes in the polls.

In addition, the artificial generation of poll results on Instagram is an opportunity to:

  • Select the desired winner in the competition (if the first place should initially be assigned to a specific person);
  • Increase Stories reach and views (to vote, the service performer opens and views the Story);
  • Create the appearance of activity (a large number of votes - determined by followers due to the percentage - forms a trusting relationship of users).

Also, artificially increasing votes on Instagram is a good option to increase real answers, likes. To do this, it is enough to promote the option for which the least number of users vote. Its overweight will cause bewilderment among subscribers, which will force them to respond to the Story.

Regardless of the goals of promotion, you can order it profitably (and even for free) at IPGold. We work with all social networks (VK, Instagram, YouTube) and strictly follow their algorithms (to display publications in the TOP). The promotion is accompanied by a guarantee of security and confidentiality. And to run it, just register on the service and create the desired task.

Such a task, by its nature, can be anything. It can also be Instagram comments cheat, the possibilities and promotion of which will help diversify your account.