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Yandex Zen is one of the most popular sites in Runet. Authors of interesting articles and in-demand content can monetize their channel by increasing the number of subscribers and reading articles in it.

With the systematic conduct of an ad campaign, more and more users who come from organic traffic subscribe to it. We provide a service for cheating Yandex Zen by real users in the categories of reading, subscriptions, likes and comments. In our service, you can order Zen promotion for any of the services in different combinations, depending on your strategy.

It is best to combine Yandex Zen subscriptions and the number of views of articles on the channel, so your rating will grow faster. Boosting likes and leaving comments increase the audience engagement rate, you shouldn't forget about this either.

Comprehensive promotion will allow you to grow in the rating, take top positions in the authors and increase your audience. As a result, you monetize your channel faster than without the use of these methods. You should not forget about caution and increase the mass of subscribers gradually, this allows you to make flexible settings: by time, gender and geolocation of the audience when launching an ad campaign.

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Boost comments on Yandex Zen to promote the channel

In recent years, Yandex Zen comments are one of those indicators that are directly involved in channel ranking. They determine the popularity of a particular content. And the algorithms of the platform are configured in such a way as to demonstrate the most interesting and popular content to a new audience.

The problem is that Yandex.Zen users don't actively comment on publications. The exception is discussed and provocative articles. But even the most neutral content can be promoted. To do this, the authors resort to boosting comments under the posts. This service is provided by the IPGold ru service. It relevant for:

  • Beginning bloggers;
  • Authors who resumed posting after a certain break;
  • Commercial pages (beauty salons, shops, productions).

To increase the number of comments in the desired article, simply register on the site and create the desired order. It will be putted to work immediately. The task execution time depends on the volume of ordered messages.

Benefits of boosting comments in Yandex Zen

Better ranking and inclusion of a publication in the recommendation feed is not the only goal that comment boosting can achieve. The possibilities of such indicators are much wider. Firstly, an active discussion under the posts arouses the natural interest of users. Wanting to know what other readers are discussing, they spend more time on the channel, and the likelihood of them subscribing to it increases.

Second, comments build trust. The complete lack of messages and reviews under the posts of the commercial Zen channel makes potential customers suspicious. The presence of comments indicates that a particular page is “live”, and its products are real and discussed.

And thirdly, comments help build feedback. Channel subscribers begin to write their opinions more actively, more easily ask questions of interest. As a result - a natural increase in activity in the profile

Achieving all the goals described above is possible under one condition - real comments. These are the messages that:

  1. They carry a certain meaning (and not just a set of emoticons);
  2. Published by real readers of the platform;
  3. Correspond to the subject of the publication.

These are the comments that our service boost. We work in full accordance with the current Yandex Zen algorithms. Publications are commented on by active users of this platform who are located in different regions and, accordingly, use different IPs. Such messages look as organic and natural as possible and don't arouse any suspicion in the service algorithms.

You can order comments to articles in the required volume through your personal account in IPGold. The current price is shown on the website. It's also possible to order a free service. This applies to all of our services, including YouTube dislikes.