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Yandex Zen is one of the most popular sites in Runet. Authors of interesting articles and in-demand content can monetize their channel by increasing the number of subscribers and reading articles in it.

With the systematic conduct of an ad campaign, more and more users who come from organic traffic subscribe to it. We provide a service for cheating Yandex Zen by real users in the categories of reading, subscriptions, likes and comments. In our service, you can order Zen promotion for any of the services in different combinations, depending on your strategy.

It is best to combine Yandex Zen subscriptions and the number of views of articles on the channel, so your rating will grow faster. Boosting likes and leaving comments increase the audience engagement rate, you shouldn't forget about this either.

Comprehensive promotion will allow you to grow in the rating, take top positions in the authors and increase your audience. As a result, you monetize your channel faster than without the use of these methods. You should not forget about caution and increase the mass of subscribers gradually, this allows you to make flexible settings: by time, gender and geolocation of the audience when launching an ad campaign.

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Boost likes in Yandex Zen: safe channel promotion

There are two ways to increase likes in Yandex Zen: by ordering ads from other authors or by using the cheat of real ratings in IPGold. The first option is more expensive. And it concerns not only money, but also time. In the case of ordering the services of our service, you get total savings and the ability to safely promote your profile.

IPGold doesn't use the principle of mutual PR. All tasks are performed manually by real Yandex Zen users. At the same time, the performers are located in different cities, regions, which makes it possible to make the promotion as natural as possible. All you need to increase likes is to place an order. To do this, register on the site and create a task in your account, specifying the necessary promotion parameters.

Likes under the promoted article will begin to increase immediately after the launch of the order. At the same time, a short pause is maintained between the assessments in order to prevent penalties from the social platform. The exact time of the service depends on the volume of ordered likes.

Why you should boost likes?

The natural promotion of a channel in Yandex.Zen can take months or even years. Few authors are willing to spend that much time developing their profile. They find the solution to the problem in the likes boost, which helps:

  1. Improve the ranking of publications and increase coverage (often rated posts are more actively included in the recommendation feed);
  2. Attract the attention of advertisers (likes are one of those indicators that ad customers pay priority attention to);
  3. Increase earnings from monetization (due to the fact that ratings accelerate the natural promotion of the channel and attract a new audience to it);
  4. Improve audience trust (users are more loyal to channels whose articles are actively liked);
  5. Increase the audience (the inclusion of publications in recommendations contributes to a gradual increase in the number of subscribers).

Ratings have a complex impact on the development of the channel. Therefore, authors of all levels and directions resort to cheating them.

Important: To make the increase in “likes” look natural, do not forget to boost other indicators: reads, comments, views.

The boost of ratings in Yandex Zen will be especially relevant for novice bloggers or authors who resume their active work after a short pause. It will give impetus to the development of the profile and speed up the withdrawal of his posts into recommendations. And for new sites, the service of boosting clicks on links on the site is relevant.

On IPGold you can buy likes in any amount. Promotion rates are presented in the price list. The final cost of the service and the speed of its implementation depend on the parameters you set. At the same time, you can order promotion for free on the service. To do this, complete the tasks of other customers and use the earned funds to launch your task.

We always recommend adding a certain number of Yandex Zen subscribers to likes. They will help diversify the promotion and protect your channel, minimizing all risks.