Yandex Zen subscribers

Yandex Zen is one of the most popular sites in Runet. Authors of interesting articles and in-demand content can monetize their channel by increasing the number of subscribers and reading articles in it.

With the systematic conduct of an ad campaign, more and more users who come from organic traffic subscribe to it. We provide a service for cheating Yandex Zen by real users in the categories of reading, subscriptions, likes and comments. In our service, you can order Zen promotion for any of the services in different combinations, depending on your strategy.

It is best to combine Yandex Zen subscriptions and the number of views of articles on the channel, so your rating will grow faster. Boosting likes and leaving comments increase the audience engagement rate, you shouldn't forget about this either.

Comprehensive promotion will allow you to grow in the rating, take top positions in the authors and increase your audience. As a result, you monetize your channel faster than without the use of these methods. You should not forget about caution and increase the mass of subscribers gradually, this allows you to make flexible settings: by time, gender and geolocation of the audience when launching an ad campaign.

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Boost subscribers in Yandex.Zen

At the moment, Yandex Zen subscribers are considered one of the key indicators of channel statistics. They are a decisive factor when choosing a platform for advertising. They also take an indirect part in shaping the blog's image and promoting it within the service. Organic subscription growth occurs under many conditions: active posting, a topic under discussion, interesting content, etc. But in most cases, this is not enough to promote the channel and get the necessary profit from it. Therefore, many authors boost their audience.

You can also order a boost of subscribers for your Yandex Zen - on IPGold. Our service works only with real performers who subscribe to the promoted account manually. This helps to avoid Zen sanctions and has a positive effect on statistical indicators. To buy the required number of subscriptions, simply register on the site and create a new task in your account.

Why you should boost subscribers

Yandex Zen algorithms are not much different from the algorithms of other social networks. In this case, the recommendations in the user feed also include articles from those channels that:

  • Conform to the interests of the people;
  • Considered useful, popular.

The first criterion is uniquely defined. The algorithms of the platform take into account the interests of a person in the articles that he most often reads on the platform. The benefits and popularity of content are determined by statistical indicators and their growth. The more users subscribe to the profile and the more actively its audience grows, the higher the chances of getting into TOP recommendations and increasing coverage.

Important: For the best effect, statistics should grow in a complex way. Therefore, work with an increase not only in subscriptions, but also in readings, likes, comments.

The audience also influences:

  • The general image of the channel and its reputation;
  • The attitude of readers to the author;
  • Interest from advertisers.

Therefore, all authors strive to gain as many readers as possible. If it doesn’t work out in an organic way, you can resort to cheating. The main condition is that the users being boosted must be real, “live”. Involving bots will only worsen the situation and may lead to penalties from Yandex.Zen. Attracting bots is also dangerous when boosting behavioral factors.

You can get live subscribers for your Zen channel at IPGold. We do not use automated programs and trust the work only to real performers. The increase in the number of subscriptions occurs in manual mode, which acts as a guarantee of the security of the service. At the same time, it is important to understand that the attracted users will not be particularly active on the channel. But they will start its natural promotion and help attract an active audience with which you can work in the future.

To stimulate the audience, you need to initiate various discussions. This can be achieved by ordering Yandex Zen Comments. Choose the quantity you need and order them in your account.